Friday, February 19, 2010


my birthday week.........AMAZING. best birthday of my entire life. period. not because of the gifts that i got or because all of the attention was on me (which i love), but because of the time i got to spend with my family. that is one thing that i love about my birthday.

in my family it is a tradition to go to yokoso, a local japanese steakhouse, sometime in the month of february to celebrate all of the birthdays that month. i share a birthday with one of my step brothers, my dads birthday is the 7th, my brothers birthday is the 15th, my other stepbrothers is the 27th. normally this tradition is just restricted to my dads side of the family but this year i wanted it to be different. i wanted everyone that was important to me to be there. so let me break down the guest list for you...

Me (of course) and my...
sister and her boyfriend
and last but certainly not least...
my mother

normally my mother doesn't come because my parents are divorced and there is that whole "awkward" thing but this year i did away with that awkwardness because i wanted my entire family (the ones that could make it, my brothers weren't able to attend) to be together. i was so happy that my mom could join us and i could have my family together at least for one night in celebration of another year that i have been blessed with life by my Savior.

so here i am at 4:40 in the morning on february 19th, taking a break from studying math all night to celebrate my family. this blog is dedicated to you, all the members of my family.

daddy- i love you more than you know. i think about you every time i look at my phone (should i call, should i shoot him a text just to say i love you?). you don't have to buy my love, with flat screen tv's or a new car or even gas money. i love you so much for just being you.

amber- my only sister, we fight ON THE REG!! but gosh i love you. i look up to you and always will. i think of you every time i listen to bob marley, michael jackson or that song amber by 311. every time i see an eclipse. and every time i go through the zaxby's drive through and i have to pay for it myself because i ran out of money on my giftcard you gave me. thanks for being a the best sister. i wouldn't change anything about you.

johnny- my oldest brother, you are CRAZYYYYYY!!! but i wouldn't want you to be any other way. you can ALWAYS make me laugh whether or not the situation is appropriate. i am always nervous to introduce a friend or boyfriend to you, but i know that you will always be honest and true with me. thank you for being a great big brother and taking me to the movies that one time to see war of the worlds! i always think of you when i watch that and when i go to the chick-fil-a in summerville. because thats where we ate before the movie that day!! thanks for all the mixed cd's you made me with the crazy titles on them! thank you for giving me a beautiful niece!!!!!

david- yours is the hardest, because i barely know you. you left when i was so young. but either way you are my brother.i do remember that you were the one to teach me how to ride a bike and to tie my shoes! and you would always sit at the dinner table with me when everyone else was gone and i had to stay there because my food wasnt finished. (i still havent told mom and dad that you always finished my food for me so i could go play instead). i remember when you fell off the go-cart on the dirt road and you came home all scarred and bloody and you were like "meg isnt this cool?" haha. your weren't phased by the scars at all. im sorry i don't come to see you as much as i should. i'm sorry for what has happened to you and for the situation and circumstances in which you live. i would take your place in a second. i miss you, come home to us one day.

steven- the otha brotha, dude i have got to say this, we all know that johnny is a crazy kid, but stevo you are out of this world crazy and i love it sooooooo much. you gave me my first nephew and i love him dearly. i remember when we were younger and mom used to make all you guys clean my room for me (i know, its not my fault people!) and you would attack me with the vacuum!! i also remember the infamous "cord my butt" day. with a new camcorder in the house you took it upon yourself to be the first to notice when i was only about 5 years old, that i have a huge booty! haha i also remember when you lived in the closet with the purple carpet at the south pointe house and you used to use so much gel in your hair and wear gyncos, or however you spell that. thanks for being my cool older brother and always sticking up for me.

trish- my "stepmom". you havent been in my life as long as these other people but i love just as if you have. you are always nice and always on my side and can convince my dad to get me whatever i want. haha. your always concerned for whats best for me and always make sure that i am happy. whenever i wanted a new phone you convinced dad to get it for me. remember that time when i was in middle school and you took me to "ravegirl" and you bought me and outfit that i was really admiring. i will never forget that. i dont know if i ever told you, but thanks. i love you.

jude- my redheaded step brother!!! gosh kid you have grown up, but so have i. i remember jumping on the trampoline with you for hours!!! and taking turns playing your DS, remember the wario game. man that was fun stuff. remember when you went to the same school as me for a hotminute? yeah, no me neither. haha i love you kid. stay cool.

jonathan- my otha stepbrotha, i dont really know much about you, but what i know is that you are pretty cool. i remember when dad and trish lived at the house in college park and me and jude would always bug you and play the "eye toy" game in your room. haha. thanks for being a good son to trish and brother to jude.

and again, last but certainly NOT least.....

MOMMY- what can i say. i know you the best out of all these people. you don't know how much i appreciate the things you do/did for me. i didn't understand when i was younger how much you did. when you and dad got divorced all i thought about was myself and how it was affecting me. i NEVER thought about the toll it had on your life. you tried your hardest to make sure that little in my life changed after the divorce. i stayed in private school, i stayed in dance and i never had to struggle with loosing either one of those things. for the longest time it was just me and you in that little house. and we fought so much because all the burdens that would be laid on my shoulders, i brought home and blamed you for them. because you were the only one there. it seems like the opposite should have happened. im sorry. you were always the ONLY one there. as much as i resented you in middle school for making me stay in private school, i sit here today with endless thankfulness that i was able to attend a private school. thank you for doing everything in your power to make my life easy and to help me out. i love watching what God has done in your life and seeing how He has changed you over the years. it warms my heart when i hear you talk about reading your bible, or the things that you have learned at church and im so thankful that you have such a good relationship with my best friend and Savior. this little paragraph does you no justice as to what you deserve. i love you so much and i thank you endlessly for the life that you provided for me. oh and im really sorry for that time i hit the mailbox when i was driving your car and knocked off the side mirror and the antenna! =)

this blog is for all the members of my family. i love you all endlessly. and im thankful for all of you.

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